Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eur/Usd : Downtrend still alive

In my last post about eur/usd i was looking for a top, unfortunately this didn't happen, price rallied higher. The important thing is that i still count this rally as corrective with a good chance of being finished. This makes me take a look at the longterm count. Let me first present you with a chart posted on this blog may 10th 2011. Here you can see i was looking for a downtrend to begin. A lot of people had another view due to price breaking the trendline. But price declined and wave Y started.

The question now becomes how to count the waves inside this wave Y. I see 2 possibilities as shown on the chart below. It's all about where wave (W) of Y finished. In the first scenario, circled in red, wave (W) of Y finished at 1.2623 and wave (X) of Y is a bit small, but this doesn't make the count impossible, no rules are broken. A nice fibonacci target zone comes around 1.1716 - 1.1773. In the second scenario, circled in green, wave (X) of Y is sharp and is the biggest rally since the 1.50 top. Also price broke a pretty strong trendline and just like when price was around 1.50 a lot of people are bullish now. The difference here is that this time around, price is still in a big downtrend, instead of at the end of an uptrend, making this top a counterrally top. A nice fibonacci target zone for the second scenario is at 1.0795 - 1.0957.

Let me finish by saying that there are a lot of valid signals for a bottom, but the previous low at 1.1875 ( wave W low ) will act like a magnet to attract price. Another thing i'd like to mention is that there are different possibilities to count eur/usd, my alternative count has price in wave E of an expanded triangle. But before i look at this alternative count, price needs to break the cycle of lower lows and lower highs, with the latest lower high at 1.3485.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SP500 : Rally to top

I've had some requests for an EW count for the SP500 so here it is. Price to me looks to be corrective with a wave C as a contracting ending diagonal. A final rally should put the top in place and what will follow will probably not be very pretty as price should eventually break the 666 low, now that's evil...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Xau/Usd : Topping

There are a couple of valid ways to count the rally from the may 2012 low. I propose one where the top is in allready, other counts allow for another high. 1 thing is for sure, the rally is corrective. On the bigger view, i have 2 counts which are actually very simular since they both expect a decline and break of the lows. The first count, which has been my main count for a long time, has price in a wave y of Y of a complex double three combination. The second count came from price being in a range between 1550 and 1800 since september 2011 and has this range as a bearish triangle wave B.